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Bacteria & Virus Inhibition
High performance product for eliminating bacteria and virus. This product is durable to multiple home laundering cycles and has exceptional performance on textile and non-textile substrates.
Sustainable Chemistry
The transition of chemistry to more suitable and sustainable is the key and we are ready. Eliminating titanium dioxide from our formulations, longevity of the value addition, use of active ingredients that have better biodegradability profiles is our key focus.
Performance Chemicals
High performance and top of the line value addition products using newer technologies, which include nanotechnology, microencapsulation and advanced emulsion technologies to give superior application and performance.
Cosmetic Textiles
Cosmetic Grade AI embedded on Textile Substrate is the most creative side for providing exceptionally high level of value addition. The portfolio is focused on skin care, sun care and hair care areas and the extent has no limit.
State of art technology of developing particles falling into the micron region is best suited for multiple industries including textile and paper. Active Ingredients can be combined into creating multi-functional products driven by microtechnology to deliver onto the textile substrate.